China-Arabia Connections and Indian-Chinese Trade


Ka-Kin Cheuk (in the middle) presented his paper in China-Arabia Encounters and Engagements conference at National University of Singapore (Photo credits: Asia Research Institute, NUS)

On 15-16 December 2016, Ka-Kin Cheuk took part in the third Muhammad Alagil Arabia Asia Conference, China-Arabia Encounters and Engagements co-organized by the Chair in Arabia Asia Studies, Asia Research Institute and the Arabia-Asia Research Cluster, Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore. Drawing on his ethnographic findings of transnational value transfers among Indian traders in China, Ka-Kin presented a paper titled “‘Miraculous Circulations’: Fabric Trade from China to Dubai through the Indian Traders”. He explicated how the Indian traders utilize a complex flow of capitals in craving out an business niche in the fabric trade, which in turn enhances their adaptations as foreign immigrants in the local Chinese society.

The full programme of the conference is available at

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