‘There Goes the Neighbor’: Marriage Migration from Russia to China


Elena Barabantseva (first on the right) presented her paper on Marriage Migration from Russia to China in the Symposium (Photo Credits: http://src-hokudai-ac.jp/northeast/)

On 17-18 December 2016 Dr. Elena Barabantseva participated in the symposium ‘There Goes the Neighbor: Increasing Tensions in Cooperative Northeast Asia’ which took place in Kokura (Japan) and organized within the framework of new initiative ‘National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU) Area Studies Project for Northeast Asia’. The two-day event explored new research directions for Northeast Asia Studies from the point of view of informal and academic exchanges, state relations, and changing political, economic, social and demographic conditions in the region. Elena contributed to the panel on ‘Integration, Population and Gender in Northeast and Southeast Asia’ with her presentation on the dynamics, representations, and regulations of marriage migration from Russia to China. The Japanese summary of the symposium can be viewed here (link to http://src-hokudai-ac.jp/northeast)

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