Dissemination events: ‘Immigrants in China’ in Beijing

As the project is reaching its final stage, an ‘Immigrants in China’ delegation participated in two events (co-)organised by the Center for China of Globalisation, a Beijing-based think tank focusing on immigration and talent mobility.

On July 13, project members shared policy-relevant results in a panel at the CCG’s 2019 conference on global migration and talent mobility, which this year had as its theme ‘Globalized China: 70 Years of Migration and Interaction’. CCG director Wang Huiyao and migration law expert Liu Guofu responded to the project presentations, which focused on ways to make China’s legal and policy framework dealing with incoming migration more immigrant-centered.

CCG roundtable

Photo credit: CCG

A roundtable discussion on the global implications of recent changes in China’s immigration flows and government responses to them chaired by ‘Immigrant China’s Frank Pieke and CCG director Wang Huiyao took place at the CCG headquarter office on July 15. The event also included migration experts from the OECD and the Pew Research Center. See here for a detailed summary of the discussion.

roundtable picture 2

Photo credit: CCG



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