Dr. Hélène Le Bail

Research Fellow, CERI


Email: helene.lebail@sciencespo.fr

Website: http://www.sciencespo.fr/ceri/en/cerispire-user/13162/14567

Hélène Le Bail is a research fellow at CERI since 2015. She has a doctorate in political science from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) and a master degree in Chinese studies from INALCO (National Institute for Eastern Languages and Cultures). She spent many years in Japan as a Ph.D student (Hitotsubashi University), as a post-doc (Waseda Universit), and more recently as a research fellow for the French research center on contemporary Japan, Maison franco-japonaise (Nichibutsu kaikan), Tokyo.

Her research focuses on people mobilities in North-East Asia, more precisely on Chinese residents in Japan (skilled migration and marriage migration), and on Japan migration policy.

Research Project

Marriage migration in North East Asia; Migration and reproductive work (Chinese women in Japan and France; foreign spouses in China)

Selected Publications


  • With Nakano Yûji, Mori Chikako, Namioka Shintarô and Sonoyama Daisuke,Haigai shugi wo toi naosu. Furansu ni okeru haijo, sabetsu,sanka (Exclusion, discrimination, participation of immigrants in France), Tokyo, Keizo, Shobo, 252p.
  • With Chikako Mori (dir.), 国境政策のパラドクス Kokkyô Seisaku no paradokusu (Paradoxes of borer control policies. Comparison EU-Japan) Tokyo, Keizo Shobo, xv-244p.
  • Migrants chinois hautement qualifiés : le cas du Japon, (Highly qualified Chinese Migrants in Japan) Paris, Indes savantes, 229p.


  • 2015, 「公衆衛生へのアクセス」から「政治参加」へーーパリにおける中国人セックスワーカ-支援の変容 (From health exclusion to political exclusion: the case of Chinese prostitutes in Paris supported by the NGO Doctors of the World), in Nakano Y., Mori C., Le Bail H., Haigai shugi wo toi naosu. Furansu ni okeru haijo, sabetsu, sanka, Tokyo, Keizo Shobo, pp. 211-227.2012.
  • 2012, “Femmes chinoises dans les campagnes japonaises : négociation de la modernité  (Chinese Women in the Japanese countryside. Negociating modernity) in Tania Angelot et Marylène Lieber (dir.) : Chinoises au 21ème siècle. Ruptures et continuités, éditions La Découverte, p.139-156.
  • 2011. “Integration of Chinese students into Japan’s Society and Labour Market”, in Vogt and Roberts (ed.), Migration and Integration – Japan in a Comparative Perspective, Stiftung, p.72-88.


  • 2008, “The Return of Brains to China: What are the Social, Economic, and Political Impacts?”, avec SHEN Wei, Asie.Visions n°11, Paris, IFRI, octobre. URL : www.ifri.org/downloads/AV11.pdf

Recent Activities

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