Ms. Ael Thery

PhD Student

EHESS, France


Ael Thery is a Ph.D student at EHESS, Paris. She spent one year in a French cuisine formation centre and did anthropological fieldwork on the topic of cuisine knowledge transmission in China.

As part of the project Immigrants in China, she is a research assistant at ESSCA from October 2016 to March 2017.

Research Project

Special fieldwork developed for the project with Hélène Le Bail

While the literature on female care workers and the feminization of migration has been flourishing these last years, few have been said on male workers gendered migration paths. The objective of this qualitative survey is to underline some gendered globalized sectors which promote the mobility and the settlement of male migrants. We propose to compare the cases of French cooks and British butlers in Shanghai. We aim to describe how ethnic and national identity contributes to the definition of technical “skills”: human capital is not purely technical, but based on cultural constructions that create work opportunities in professional niches for Western men.

Selected Publications


2015, La cuisine française en Chine, Traduction, appropriation et assimilation d’une culture gustative (French Cuisine in China), in Politiques de communication  (N° 5).